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Services of Eurocross MENA in Lebanon


Based on a next-generation IP technology, our call centre provides a centralized platform to our

assistance and travel insurance businesses, as it delivers customized CRM solutions to fill the

specific needs of our customers. Whether the sector is banking, insurance, healthcare, aircraft

industry, or any other business that needs a client-focused approach, we have the technology

and know-how to support your operations 24/7 and bring value to your products.


·         Multilingual Support:

All our operators are highly trained and speak at least three languages—English, Arabic,  and French. Additional languages such as Spanish, German, Armenian, Russian and Farsi are available upon request.

·         Real Time & Historical Reporting:

Data collected can be regularly sent in statistical format, ensuring the highest level of transparency and providing valuable information in order to better understand clients’ needs, and elaborate strategies for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

·         White Label Option:

Possibility of offering a white label approach to client companies as well as dedicated lines and personalized client responses
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