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Are you an Expat?
Secure your trips,
Secure your way back to your roots in Lebanon

This plan includes a yearly worldwide travel coverage plan including the repatriation of mortal remains to the country of origin.

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insurance plan in Lebanon

This plan covers individuals couples and families traveling for leisure/
business around the world for a maximum stay of 92 conseccutive days

Starting $14/person
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Eurocross relies on a wide network of health care and assistance providers to
deliver the highest service quality and to respond to travellers’ needs
in a timely and efficient way.

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About Eurocross MENA

Mideast Assistance International, a lebanese based company, has as mission to provide efficient round the clock assistance to businesses and individuals around the globe. MAI strives to offer travelers around the world, the best-in-class assistance services through strategic alliances with global leading assistance and insurance organizations.
Eurocross Assistance, the major assistance provider in the Netherlands, is also part of one of the largest suppliers of financial services in the country, Achmea.
Eurocross Assistance has been providing services since 1982 throughout the world, setting a recognized international standard in their field.

The inception of Eurocross MENA in brief
In 2004 MAI and Eurocross Assistance partnered in the travel assistance line of business to serve the MENA region.
In 2008 MAI became the 4th operational site of Eurocross Assistance
In 2017 Eurocross Assistance and MAI created a joint venture: Eurocross MENA in Cyprus.
About Eurocross MENA
Your Local in Lebanon Friend Globally

Your Local in Lebanon Friend Globally

Falling off a scooter in Thailand or ending up in hospital in South Africa with appendicitis: such things can happen to anyone when they are abroad.
Each day we help hundreds of people who fall ill abroad or find themselves faced with another problem for which they require assistance.
They are glad to be able to get things off their chest and not have to worry about finding a solution. 
They can always rely on Eurocross in such circumstances.
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What is the difference between Expat assistance plan and Expat insurance plan?
Expat insurance covers the medical expenses in your country of residence
Expat assistance covers the medical expenses during your travel outside the country of residence; it also covers the repatriation of mortal remains from your country of residence to your country of origin.
Who can buy this product?
People living in any of the countries shown in the “country of residence” section
How do I know that buying my policy online is secure?
Eurocross MENA uses a secure payment gateway that makes the credit card transaction directly and securely with the bank. We do not see, record or store these card details in any form. The exchange of information between the payment gateway and the bank is completely encrypted making it impossible to intercept or steal. Once authorized, it's instant travel insurance cover - your confirmation email, policy document and other associated documentation is then emailed to you within a matter of minutes for you to print as required. All of your personal details are protected and encrypted before they are sent for processing.
What if I change my mind about buying the policy?
Cancelations is valid only in case of visa refusal and as long as the coverage hasn’t started; please notify us with 48 hours of receiving your documents along with the visa refusal proof for a refund of your premium. Contact us by telephone: +420 234 622 782 or email at: info@eurocross.me