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About Eurocross MENA

Mideast Assistance International, a lebanese based company, has as mission to provide efficient round the clock assistance to businesses and individuals around the globe. MAI strives to offer travelers around the world, the best-in-class assistance services through strategic alliances with global leading assistance and insurance organizations.
Eurocross Assistance, the major assistance provider in the Netherlands, is also part of one of the largest suppliers of financial services in the country, Achmea.
Eurocross Assistance has been providing services since 1982 throughout the world, setting a recognized international standard in their field.

The inception of Eurocross MENA in brief
In 2004 MAI and Eurocross Assistance partnered in the travel assistance line of business to serve the MENA region.
In 2008 MAI became the 4th operational site of Eurocross Assistance
In 2017 Eurocross Assistance and MAI created a joint venture: Eurocross MENA in Cyprus.
About Eurocross MENA
Your Local in Lebanon Friend Globally

Your Local in Lebanon Friend Globally

Falling off a scooter in Thailand or ending up in hospital in South Africa with appendicitis: such things can happen to anyone when they are abroad.
Each day we help hundreds of people who fall ill abroad or find themselves faced with another problem for which they require assistance.
They are glad to be able to get things off their chest and not have to worry about finding a solution. 
They can always rely on Eurocross in such circumstances.
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What is the difference between Expat assistance plan and Expat insurance plan?
Expat insurance covers the medical expenses in your country of residence

Expat assistance covers the medical expenses during your travel outside the country of residence; it also covers the repatriation of mortal remains from your country of residence to your country of origin.
Who can buy this product?
People living in any of the countries shown in the “country of residence” section
How do I know that buying my policy online is secure?
Eurocross MENA uses a secure payment gateway that makes the credit card transaction directly and securely with the bank. We do not see, record or store these card details in any form. The exchange of information between the payment gateway and the bank is completely encrypted making it impossible to intercept or steal. Once authorized, it's instant travel insurance cover - your confirmation email, policy document and other associated documentation is then emailed to you within a matter of minutes for you to print as required. All of your personal details are protected and encrypted before they are sent for processing.
What if I change my mind about buying the policy?
Cancelations is valid only in case of visa refusal and as long as the coverage hasn’t started; please notify us with 48 hours of receiving your documents along with the visa refusal proof for a refund of your premium. 

Contact us by telephone: +420 234 622 782 or email at: [email protected] 
What are the general conditions?

I – Purpose of Coverage


The purpose of this plan is to cover the expenses of the repatriation of the mortal remains to the Country of Origin. The cover applies to any person residing outside their Country of Origin and wishing to be repatriated to his country of origin in the event of death;



General definitions:


The following definitions are applicable to the entire document. The terms used in this document and defined below have the following meanings:


Accident: Any sudden, unforeseeable event, external to the Insured and unintentional on his part, of exclusive cause, unrelated to an illness and which results in bodily injury. As an example, the followings events are not considered accidental:

- Myocardial infarctions;

- Aneurysm ruptures;

- Strokes;

- Pulmonary embolism;

- Lumbago, lumbago;

- Recurrent sciatica;

- Abdominal hernias;

Insured: Any Adult person who has subscribed to this insurance contract.

By Insured is meant, a person, having his domicile outside the Country of Origin, and having freely and voluntarily adhered to this contract.

Insurer: It designates ASKIA, represented by Eurocross MENA acting on its behalf.

Assistance Provider: It designates Eurocross MENA.

Competent Medical Authority: Anyone holding a valid medical or surgical diploma in the country where the Insured is located.

Domicile / Country of Permanent Residence: The Insured's main and usual place of residence, of a permanent nature which is mentioned as Tax domicile on his income tax return.

Generating Events: Assistance guarantees apply following Generating Events, as defined in Article 5 of these general conditions.

Country of Origin: It designates the Country of burial designated and signed by the Insured.





Article 1. Insured person

Anyone wishing to adhere to this plan must complete a subscription form with his name, first name and age as well as his own signature. He must sign a statement of health check with attestation of honour. He is considered to be insured under the said contract if he has received his membership contract.

The Insured who engages for his own account may be a member of an association or an institution or a client of a broker.


Article 2. Effective date and duration of guarantees

The guarantees of the insurance contract take effect upon receipt of the complete policy file, including the subscription duly signed by each Insured, subject to the condition precedent of receipt of the premium due.

The period of validity of the guarantees is 12 consecutive months from the effective date, renewable annually under the conditions and limits set in this document or possibly in the new versions proposed by the Insurer.

The contract provides, except for death resulting from an accident, a waiting period of three (3) months, meaning that the benefits will not be acquired by the insured until three (3) months after the effective date of coverage.

Subscription is renewed without interruption of coverage, if the Insured pays the premium before the anniversary date or renewal date.

In the absence of payment, the guarantees of this agreement cease to produce their effects on the expiry date of the previous subscription.

The guarantees cease automatically in the event of death occurring on the effective date of the termination or non-renewal of the contract.


Article 3. Withdrawal period

The insured has a period of 14 calendar days to renounce his subscription.

This waiver is made by post with acknowledgment of receipt sent to Eurocross MENA Cyprus: 14 spyrou Kyprianou office 101

Limassol Cyprus


Article 4. Geographical coverage

The scope of coverage of this plan operates in the Country of Permanent Residence and Abroad when the duration of the insured stay is less than 92 consecutive days, except in his country of origin which is the Senegal for this contract.


Article 5. Generating events

The trigger to the coverage of this contract applies following the death of the Insured.


Article 6. Terms of Implementation

In order to benefit from the coverage plan, the Insured family must contact the Assistance Provider by phone or email within maximum 48 hours following the event of death.

From France and Abroad: 00420-234622719

Email may be used in addition to the above for exchanges if necessary.

Email Assistance Provider : [email protected]


Article 7. Services Provision

Benefits under this Policy may only be initiated upon prior agreement of the Assistance Provider with presentation of the requested supporting documents. As a result, no arbitrary expenditure made by the Insured shall be reimbursed by the Assistance Provider.

Upon the call of the insured family member, the Assistance Provider uses every endeavor under its commitment regarding the means, to respond quickly to the request. The Assistance Provider does not contribute to the expenses incurred by the Insured family on its own initiative.

For the particular case of death during a trip of less than 92 days, the Insured family must submit to the Assistance Provider the originals or certified copies of the following documents:

¾    A photocopy of the passport or the identity card and visa (if applicable);

¾    Any document proving his place of usual residence and duration of his travel;

¾    The official record of the accident issued by the police or the authorities;

¾    The complete medical file prepared and issued by the doctor or the healthcare facility in which the Insured was treated, and the medical prescriptions, submitted under confidential cover or by email to the attention of the Assistant Provider’s consultant doctor;

And any other evidence the Assistance Provider deems necessary to acknowledge the right to the assistance benefits.


Obligations of the Insured or the Family of the Insured

In the event of death, the family shall submit to the Assistance Provider the necessary documents for the file creation of the repatriation of the mortal remains, including the death certificate and medical certificate confirming the cause of death.





Article 8. Repatriation in the event of the Insured Death

8.1 Purpose of the Cover

In case of the Insured’s death in his Country of Permanent Residence or during a trip outside his Country of Permanent Residence for a period of less than 92 days, the Assistance Provider shall arrange the repatriation of the mortal remains, from the death location to the airport of his Country of Origin.

The choice of companies participating in the repatriation process, funeral, carriers etc... is up to the Assistance Provider. Under this express condition, the fees of transport, embalming, administration, and of a standard coffin, consistent with the international regulations to enable the transport, shall also be borne up to the limit set in the coverage chart below. In the event that the Insured family directly chooses the companies participating in the repatriation process or refuses the solution suggested by the Assistance Provider, the costs incurred are then at its own expense.

Expenses not covered  

Are excluded all non-essentials costs for the mortal remains transport (such as ornaments or accessories), costs of funerals and burial or cremation.

Delayed Return of the remains

Following a provisional burial on-site, the Assistance Provider covers the repatriation expenses. In any case, the exhumation fees are excluded.

8.2 Ticket of Escorting Person

In the event of the Insured death, if the presence of an escorting person is essential to carry out transfer formalities, the Assistance Provider will arrange and pay for the transportation of an escorting person designated by the family. The Assistance Provider will arrange and pay for a round-trip economy ticket for this escorting person to the place of burial in the country of origin, which is Senegal in this contract.


8.3 Road Transportation to Destination

The Insurer will reimburse the cost of road transportation from the destination airport, Dakar airport in this contract, to the place of burial within the limits of the amounts defined in paragraph 8.4. 


8.4 Coverage and Deductibles Amount


The contract provides for a waiting period of three (3) months from the effective date of the contract, only in the event of death not resulting from a traumatic accident causing the death of the Insured.




TRANSPORT COSTS (cost coverage of the mortal remains transport from his country of permanent residence to the airport of his country of origin)

Within the limit of 5000 € per insured person

TICKET OF ESCORTING PERSON (cost coverage of economy class round trip transport fees of the family member designated to escort the mortal remains from the airport of the deceased country of residence to the airport of his country of burial)

Within the limit of 1000 € per person


Within the limit of 500 € per transportation


All services combined within the limit of 6500 € Per insured person




Article 9 Insurer of the Assistance Benefits

The assistance benefits are insured and by ASKIA and provided by Eurocross MENA hereinafter referred to as the Assistance Provider, the Insurer or the Company, under the general conditions herein.


Article 10. Restrictive Conditions of Benefits Coverage

10.1 Abusive Behavior

The Assistance Provider shall not be required to intervene, in cases where the Insured voluntarily committed breaches of the local legislation in force, or following accidents intentionally caused or triggered by the Insured of the policy.

The Assistance Provider shall claim if necessary the refund of all or part of the costs that could be considered as the direct result of such behavior.

In the case of false declaration of the Insured or non-repayment of an advance fee, the Assistance Provider shall claim if necessary the Insured to reimburse all or part of the expenses that could be considered as a direct result of such behavior.

In case of omission or inaccurate declaration by the Insured whose bad faith has not been established, and if it is noted before any risk materialization, ASKIA may maintain the subscription with an increase in the premium approved by the Insured.

If the latter does not agree, the subscription form or the contract terminates after notification sent to the Insured by registered letter.

The Assistance Provider shall then refund to the latter the portion of premium paid for the time where the cover no longer runs.


10.2 Liability

The Assistance Provider shall not be held liable in case the Insured family refuses to present any document deemed necessary by the Assistance Provider for the repatriation of the mortal remains. The Assistance Provider can only intervene upon presentation of original supporting documents or certified copies required at the time of coverage approval.


10.3 Exceptional Circumstances

The Assistance Provider shall not be held liable in case of non-compliance with the obligations outlined herein, if such non-compliance is due to:

¾    A case of force majeure making it impossible to carry out the coverage;

¾    Events such as civil or foreign war;

¾    Revolution, civil commotion, riot, strike, sequestration or constraint by the public authorities, official prohibition, piracy, detonation of explosives, nuclear or radioactive effects, weather obstructions.


Article 11. Premiums

The Insured shall pay the premium in exchange of the coverage by this policy. The Insured is notified that the premium is subject to revision each year at the expiration date.


11.1 Inaccuracy of the Insured Statements

Coverage becomes void in the event of concealment or intentional false statement by the Insured altering the nature of the risk or diminishing the Insurer's opinion of it. In this case, the premiums shall remain the property of the Insurer. ASKIA shall also be entitled to payment of all premiums due as damages

If the errors or omissions are fraudulent in nature, extent and repetition, Eurocross MENA may demand reimbursement of the claims paid.


11.2 Non-payment of premiums

The contract takes effect upon payment of the full premium for the first year.

In the event of renewal, the premium must be paid by the Insured within thirty (30) days of the due date following the sending of the statement of account.

In the event of non-payment, the Insured may no longer benefit from the guarantees of this contract, which is cancelled de facto.

Cancellation occurs after the period mentioned in the notification of the formal notice, which begins on the day of receipt of this notification, the postmark being proof of this date. This letter can only be sent thirty (30) days at the earliest after the date on which the sums must be paid.

When receiving the formal notice, the Insured is informed that, upon the expiration of the forty (40) days period, the failure to pay the contribution is likely to result in his exclusion from the coverage defined in the subscription form or the group policy. The exclusion shall not, where appropriate, preclude the payment of benefits acquired in return of contributions prepaid by the contributor.

ASKIA shall terminate the contract after the expiration of the abovementioned 40-days period. The Insured shall so be informed by mention contained in the notice.
Termination of the contract does not exempt the Insured from the payment of the due premium.

Article 12. Termination

12.1 Termination by ASKIA

In the event of premium nonpayment by the Insured, according to the terms stipulated in article 12.2 “Non-payment of premiums”.

In the event of intentional concealment or misrepresentation in the Insured statements upon subscription to the policy or during its course.


12.2 Termination by the Insured

Any Insured may, within a period of one (1) month from the date of delivery of the notice, cancel his affiliation to the insurance contract because of amendments to the coverage.

The Insured who chooses not to renew the payment of the insurance premium on the due date of his contract, will see his contract terminated. He will not be able to join this plan if he is over 70 years of age. For those 69 years of age and under, a special waiver may be granted but will be subject to a medical questionnaire issued by the Assistance Provider.


Article 13. Scope of Coverage

Coverage automatically ends at the termination date of this present contract.


Article 14. Exemption from benefits provision

The Assistance Provider is released from any obligation to provide services in the following cases:

-    Failure to provide all documents required to process the repatriation of mortal remains within one calendar week from the date of the request made by the Assistance Provider;

-    The Insured has committed a crime or offense that caused the accident;

-    Lack of notification by the Insured family to the Assistance Provider of the existence of another insurance company covering similar risks;

-    Failure by the Insured family to provide the Assistance Provider with the necessary information and give honest and accurate answers.


Article 15. Exclusions

Exclusions common to Travel Insurance cover and Repatriation of Mortal Remains Cover

Are excluded from this present coverage:

-    Consequences of civil or foreign wars, notorious instability, civil commotion, riot, acts of terrorism, reprisals, restrictions on the movement of persons and goods, strikes, explosions, natural disasters, radioactive decay or any other case of force majeure;

-    Consequences of intentional acts of the Insured (such as suicide) or the consequences of fraudulent acts;

-    Consequences of exposure to infectious biological agents intentionally or accidentally released, to chemical agents’ type poison gas, to incapacitating agents, to neurotoxic agents or agents with persistent neurotoxic effects;

-    Consequences of usage of medications, drugs, narcotics and similar products that are not medically prescribed, in addition to alcohol abuse;

-    Expenses incurred without prior agreement of the Assistance Provider and not expressly stipulated in these general conditions, and expenses unsupported by original documents;

-    Willful violation of applicable local law;

-    Coverage of the accused.



The Assistance Provider shall not be held liable for the non-provision or delays in provision of assistance caused by all force majeure cases making it impossible to provide the assistance services, or by local authorities’ prohibitions, strikes, and hazard absence.

The Assistance Provider shall also be exempted from the obligation to provide assistance in the following cases:

-    If the family of the Insured does not present all the documents required to file the claim;

-    If the Assistance Provider has not given prior approval for the repatriation of the mortal remains.


Article 16. Jurisdiction

Nullity of the service

If the Insured family or his doctor refuses advice or services or prescriptions offered by the Assistance Provider, then the Insured family shall organize freely and at its own risk, actions it or the Insured doctor deems most appropriate to his condition, the Assistance Provider being relieved from all obligation.

Under no circumstances the Assistance Provider shall be committed to pay the costs incurred by the Insured family.


Legal Resort

The Insured family formally commits to inform the Assistance Provider of all criminal or civil proceedings of which he had knowledge, against the person responsible for an Accident he was the victim of, and in relation of the said Accident.


IT and Data Protection

ASKIA has IT means intended to manage more easily the assistance files.

The recorded information is reserved for the use of the concerned departments of the Insurer and can only be communicated to the following recipients: international assistance providers selected as part of an assistance file.

In accordance with articles 39 and seq. of Law No. 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 amended in 2004 relative to IT, computer files and data protection, every Insured may obtain and, if necessary, correct or delete information about him, by submitting a written request to Eurocross MENA Cyprus: 14 spyrou Kyprianou office 101

Limassol Cyprus



ASKIA is subrogated up to the cost of the provided assistance to the Insured rights and actions against third parties who by their act caused the damage that initiated the coverage by Insurer; which means that ASKIA can file instead of the Insured lawsuits against the responsible party if it deems fit.



All proceedings stemming from the operations governed by this present contract are limited to a period of two (2) years starting from the event giving rise thereto.

However, this time limit functions:

1° In the event of reluctance, omission, false or inaccurate declaration concerning the risk incurred, as a result of the participant subscriber, only from the day when the Assistance Provider became aware of it;

2° In case of materialization of the risk, only from the day when those concerned became informed of it, if they prove that they were unaware of it until then.

When the proceedings of the participant, the Insured or his family against the Assistance Provider are caused by a third party claim, the prescription period runs only from the day when the said third party has filed a lawsuit against the participant subscriber or the Insured family, or was compensated by him.


Prescription may be interrupted due to an ordinary cause of interruption and by appointment of an expert following the risk materialization. Furthermore, the interruption of limitations of action may result from dispatch oa registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt from Assistance Provider to the participant subscriber concerning payment of the premium, and from the participant subscriber, the Insured or the Assignee to the Assistance Provider concerning payment of a claim.

Ordinary causes of prescription interruption, set out in articles 2240 to 2246 of the Civil Code, are the claim in court, the act of enforced execution, the recognition by the debtor of the right of the creditor. A new period of two (2) years runs from the interruptive act of prescription; it can be suspended or interrupted under the same conditions as the first one.


Complaints and Mediation

In case of difficulties related to the conditions of application of his policy, the Insured should contact by phone or mail Eurocross MENA: 00 420 234 622 719

[email protected]

If disagreement persists, the Insured can resort to the mediator whose details will then be provided by Eurocross MENA and this, without prejudice to other avenues of legal action. The governing law under the agreement is the law of the defendant party. Any dispute arising out of this Agreement that cannot be resolved by mediation should be resolved by the defendant's court of competent jurisdiction.